Lost in Time
Lost in Time

My 808s and heartbreak style beat!


Okay I’ve gotten about 15 messages over the days about how travis scott has nothing to say lyrically. I completely disagree with that. BUT I will say he is not a lyrical mastermind. But that’s what kanye and eminem are for. Travis isn’t going for that lyrical genius style. He’s all about the sound and the motion of the way he raps and sings. His producing is like no one else’s and he’s just beyond unique when it comes to sound and that’s what he’s going for. And he is lyrical he’s just not as lyrical as some people expect him to be. If you want lyricism listen to kanye and eminem. Don’t constantly bash travis cuz he isn’t a lyrical god.



Bacc lyrics

Metro Boomin want some more nigga

[Hook: x2]
Back hitting licks, back on that dirty
Cause I’m back on the block, he back servin’ burgers
Plug hit my switch, damn he woke me up early
If that bitch smell like swiss, oh no no no, don’t serve her

[Verse 1:]
Black out nigga, deeper than a frat house nigga
Doper than the crack house nigga
20-20 Lambo new edition gotta hit two gears just to back out nigga
Been a hell of a night but hell of a (?) cost hell of a price
With a devil in a new dress on the 35th floor, nigga god damn that’s a hell of a sight
Damn right that is, damn right she drowned my kids
Damn right don’t doubt, damn right
Damn right, I hit anything I said I did
Damn right, only roll that gas don’t pass midget
Treat a pint like a handle
When I’m with your girl, I hit your girl in the bando
Know I go commando
Know I need my cheese, know my cheese, know the nachos
Fall back, back, back, when you see me
Fall back when you see me tweakin’
Throw that ass back, back, back, back, know a nigga might throw that ticket

[Hook: x2]

Grey lyrics

[Hook:Travis Scott and James Fauntleroy]
We wake up when the sun goes down
Neighbor says the smell’s too loud
Riding in my old school thang
Shotgun with my old school babe
So wake me when the sun goes down
Tonight’s my last night in town
I pledge to a flag so grey
No matter what time the skies are grey
The sky is grey

[Verse 1:]
Around this time, was starvin no Ramadan
Mighta robbed you blind
You, you, you, your dad and moms
Yea, keep that in mind
Fear 2 things being broke and dying
Jump your ass inside, LSD come take this ride
No AC, ID, how you get your ass inside
Good, take one peek at me, you might get lost in my mind
Yea, fuck that college shit, that scholarship, let’s hypnotize
Yeah, ooh


[Verse 2:]
Might be the last time I trip
I know I said this shit last time
But damn I never had a trip like this
Who knew a threeway on freeway can trip with three hoes to a sixway
Ain’t gotta finness out the midway
So Bird can wrap birds in that bengay
No more, goddamn
And pops never gave me shit
But pops ain’t raised no bitch
I swung, I missed, he swung, he hit, then I hit that ditch
Raised in a town where it looked so good outside like it ain’t that serious
My nigga got dumb years doing dumb shit
Locked up in the car, had to pull a gun quick
Killa tatted on his face, leaked to his conscious
Now he stuck in a cell, know he feeling nauseous
The nigga so good, he was so cold
Another lost kid, Mo City soul

The sky is grey

Backyard lyrics

(Sounds of chips getting eaten)
‘Aight play the shit

[Verse 1]
Gon’ grab that fifth, grab that eighth
Got what you need, blow that dope, don’t get too high
From the Third Coast to the West Coast, come take this ride
Let me tell the tale of how God turned Scott
Over one lost trip to the sky
Let me tell the tale cause you throwed the tail
When you said I could make it this high
Who knew? God dammit who knew?
The grass ain’t greener on the other side, it’s just blue
You can really identify when you lookin’ in your eyes
You ready to ride, that’s true
When they look in my eyes, they see that roll
How Scotty entired that juice
Had my back against that wall
Every summer felt so cold
My daddy ain’t comin’ home ‘til fall
That’s why my pimp game so moist
Had that du-rag and all
Had a 20 year old bitch in high school
Wasn’t no tellin’ what Travy might do
On the south side of that HOU
Hollup, let’s take it back to that room
No car but still had drop
Just a hundred niggas standin’ outside
Life’s a beach with lot of sand on the lot
I’ma ride for all of my niggas
They forever here by my side
It was just 8 niggas in a two bedroom
No leg room, that was last June, yeah yeah

Yeah yeah forreal
Fuck what they talkin’ ‘bout if they ain’t talkin’ ‘bout me, nigga
Let it be known, yeah it’s that real
Yeah yeah forreal
Fuck what they talkin’ ‘bout if they ain’t talkin’ ‘bout
We them niggas everybody talkin’ ‘bout, it’s that real
Yeah, forreal

[Hook x2]
Backyard, we chillin’
Backyard, we drinkin’, smokin’
Homie brought out the liquor
Backyard, we gettin’ high
Back Backyard, we chillin’
Back Backyard, we smokin’, drinkin’
Back Backyard, we gettin’ high

[Verse 2]
Verses, one day you’ll find your purpose
Now my show’s packed out like churches
Fans never missin’ out a word on the verses
Never sit around, just workin’, it was worth it
That’s for certain, I deserve it
Lord knows we don’t get tired, did more dirt than a derby
Momma worked for AT&T and we still ain’t get that service
She stayed in/out the hospital, you know that made me nervous
Still step out the house to smell so fresh, fresh like detergent
If a bitch don’t want me, don’t need them still got my Jergens
And you can keep the herpes
Call Erbie
No house light on, cop light on, fuck this journey
You heard me, you heard me
Now swervin’, hittin’ curbs
And my nigga, my nigga came home so it just got real

[Refrain] + [Hook x2]