Anonymous asked:
Justin beibers a lame! That dance is gay how you gone dance like that to trav

He is indeed a horrible person and I hate him. He’s talented though. I just had never seen that video so I thought I should share it

Justin Bieber dancing to "Drugs You Should Try It" by Travis Scott
Justin Bieber dancing to "Drugs You Should Try It" by Travis Scott


Tomorrow at 3pm est. we just might have a couple new travis Scott tracks.


Travis Scott

upperechelxn asked:
Will travis be on gdod2??

Most likely yes

felixaverty asked:
travis is the next kanye

Yep. Kanye will hand that crown down to travis soon

We have been born into a system of indoctrination where they teach us and let us grow in only the things we need to know to fit in with what society needs from us at the moment. We have been entered into a contest of who can survive the longest and learn the most pointless information and the winner may not even get anything for their struggles. It’s bullshit and our entire lives for the next few years will be brainwashed memorization and college apps and times new roman font just so we can make a few extra dollars but we will never achieve anything great and this is not because we don’t have the capacity to but because we have been conditioned not to. We have been told to think outside the box but god FORBID someone think inside that sphere over there and we have been told to “shut up” yet “speak out”…. But “not too loudly” in the occasion that we may offend someone with our original thoughts or motives or reasoning and quite frankly I am sick of it. I have talents, as do you, AS DOES EVERY FUCKING HUMAN BEING, that are not seen as important in this maze of lockers and hallways and standardized testing and I want out. But if I do get out I will fail in society because “who wants a slacker to work for them?” but does rejecting an overused and redundant system make me a slacker? I don’t know the answer to that but I probably shouldn’t even think about it because besides, what could someone like me accomplish anyway? and I have fifty facts to memorize by tomorrow that I’ll probably forget about a week from now and I have to get some sleep since appearance is everything so I can’t afford to think so deeply or use my brain to its full potential because in today’s age that will only lead to heartbreak misery and self loathing wondering why I couldn’t have chosen to stay oblivious in the first place.